Inside the bus to Kyankwanzi

It was an exciting journey to for the newly elected NRM MPs as they headed to the National Leadership Institute (NALI), Kyankwanzi where a 3-week ideological orientation retreat opened on Friday.

Three buses and about six minibuses (coaster) were hired to transport about 243 MPs who left Kololo independence grounds in Kampala on Thursday.

As the MPs in-waiting went through clearance protocols, agents of the Bukedea Woman MP, Anita Among, loaded each of the buses with different kinds of expensive alcoholic drinks well emblazoned with MP’s portrait.

Among is aspiring to the deputy speaker of Parliament.

Different sources aboard the buses have told The Witness that Among’s agents opened the “stores” immediately the bus drivers turned the ignition key to set off for their journey.

The agents, mainly newcomer-MPs, told their colleagues that they had “some good news” from Among to wish them a joyous ride to Kyankwanzi and their stay at NALI.

“There was a lot of alcohol, I can’t tell how much it was, but, each got as much as they wanted. By the time we got to Kyankwanzi, many were drunk,” a source said.

The MPs were also given other materials promoting Among’s deputy speakership bid in addition to Shs 500,000 each.

“For the cash handouts, she spent more than Shs 121.5 million. We were left wondering where she gets the money she’s splashing around,” an MP said.

Recently, the website reported that Among, through a WhatsApp group named Team AAA (Among Anita Annet) had offered to buy diplomatic passports for each of the new MPs.

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According to sources at Kyankwanzi, there is more alcohol for the MPs to drink every evening after the daily orientation sessions.

“It mostly the first time MPs that are excited,” a source said.

What appeared surprising to the first-timer MPs is that the majority of returnee-MPs were not so excited.

“Why is that you returnees are not excited about these matters?” A female MP asked a returnee who was seated next to her but the response she got was more startling.

“You’ll be shocked,” the returnee-MP told her without explaining further.


Interviewed on Friday morning, Among said that she knows nothing about the alcohol.

“Me to pack? No those MPs could have just been creative out of love for their friend Anita,” Among said.

She claimed that she had seen some images on social media and liked the creativity.

“This looks beautiful, I had actually not seen,” she said.


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