Internet Subscribers Reach 11 Million

The number of internet users has risen to over 11 million over the past four years, the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Matia Kasaija has revealed.

Kasaija told Parliament that the developments registered in the ICT sector are responsible for the increase from 7.5 million in 2016 to 11 million internet users as of March 2020.

Telephone subscriptions increased from 21 million in 2016 to 28 million in January 2020.

According to Government, the National Backbone Infrastructure now covers forty-nine (49) districts, 480 Ministries, agencies and local governments, and seven border posts.

The monthly average unit cost of internet bandwidth for One Megabite per second (1Mbps) on the Backbone has reduced from $300 to US$70. The 500-seater ICT Innovation Hub at Nakawa was also completed during the year.

Furthermore, Kasaija told Parliament, 172 ICT innovators have been supported under the National ICT Initiatives Programme (NIISP) to develop e-Solutions.

Some of their software applications have been used for business continuity during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Kasaija also revealed that mobile money transactions as at March 2020 hit the Shs 7.2 trillion in March 2020, up from Shs 3.4 trillion in 2016.

Kasaija said that in the new financial year, government is to offer an economic stimulus aimed at improving the wellbeing of Ugandans, boosting economic transformation; and improving peace, security and good governance.

The focus will be on improving the productivity of 14 agricultural products needed to ensure adequate food security and nutrition within the country.

These include maize, cassava, banana, beans, Irish potato, sweet potato, millet, sugar cane, cattle (beef), dairy, coffee, tea, cocoa and fish which will be developed commercially.


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