Irregularities force Mukono chairman out LC-V race

A furious Ssenyonga pointing the accusing fingure at a polling official

Andrew Ssenyonga, the incumbent Mukono LC-V chairman has pulled out of the race within an hour to the close polls citing electoral malpractices. 

Ssenyonga announced his withdrawal from the race shortly after casting his vote at Seeta Church of Uganda Primary School playground, which hosts seven polling stations.

 Before leaving the polling station, Ssenyonga spoke to one of his polling agents who informed him how presiding officers had asked their agents to sign result declaration forms before the completion of the voting exercise.

 He says accepting to remain in a flawed election will tantamount to the abuse of the will of the voters who entrusted the Electoral Commission (EC) with the mandate to organize free and fair elections. 

 Ssenyonga wants police to arrest all his polling agents and interrogate them for signing the DR forms before the close of the elections. 

 Ssenyonga’s supporter Richard Mawerere blames him for rushing to pull out of the polls, saying he would have waited a little longer to see the outcomes of the elections.

 Erisa Mukasa Nkoyoyo, the Goma Division LC 3 Chairperson, who is supervising the election in the division on behalf of the National Unity Platform (NUP), says that they have asked police to intervene in the matter and arrest the culprits for investigations.

 He has been running as an independent ticket after losing the NRM flag to Hajji Haruna Ssemakula was also facing completion from Rev. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa (NUP), Godfrey Kiregga Musisi (DP) candidate, Nicholas Munyagwa and Peter Nsubuga, both independents. 

Rakai: Ballot papers stolen

Police in Rakai have been called to rescue a polling agent from a mob that wanted to lynch him for stealing a ballot paper booklet. The incident took place at Kakundi Heath Centre Polling Station in Lwamagwa Town Council, paralyzing the voting exercise for close to an hour. 

 The agent, only identified as Deus, was representing Samuel Kaggwa Ssekamwa, an independent candidate in the Rakai LC- V chairperson’s race. Ssekamwa is contesting for the same seat with Godfrey Bajjungu (NRM), Eliab Kigundu Sango (NUP), Elisa Nicholas Ssekitende (FDC), and independents Ali Balekye, Kasiiba John, and Robert Nyondo. 

 One of the 17 ballot booklets had gone missing mysteriously drawing the concern of the voters and polling agents at the polling station. Unlike other polling stations in the district, Kakundi had an overwhelming voter turn-up who also demanded a thorough search for the booklet.  

 Grace Nalubega, who recently lost the Rakai Woman MP race said that an hour later, different polling agents and assistants caught Deus with fifty ticked ballot papers. His attempt to escape from the mob failed as they rounded him up. 

A woman leaves a polling station after voting in Masaka city

Kampala: 5 arrested with pre-ticked ballots

The police have arrested five people in Kampala’s Kawempe division over allegations of ballot stuffing. They were arrested with pre-ballot ticked opposite Kolping hotel near Bwaise, a Kampala suburb.

Police came in after a group of youths pounced on a woman at Christian Life Church polling station whom they said planned to stuff the ballot box with ballots pre-ticked in the favour of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) lord mayoral candidate, Daniel Kazibwe alias Ragga Dee.

She led them to a building opposite Kolping Hotel where they found her accomplices hiding in a Super Custom vehicle registration number UBE 719B while another group was inside the building pre-ticking the ballots.

“We can’t accept this broad day rigging. Candidates have spent their resources including time and money to participate in the exercise hoping to have a clean election. We saw them in their hide out and swung into action to stop them from continuing from the illegality,” shouted the angry youths.

Low voter turn-out, candidate ferry voters

Several candidates and their agents in different electoral areas within Wakiso district are now walking into homes to persuade voters to turn up and vote in the on-going local government elections.

Unlike the presidential election where voters in the district turned up in their thousands creating congestion and long queues at polling stations, this time most of the polling stations that we have visited, are almost empty, with little or no voters.

In some areas within Nansana Municipality and Busiro East constituency, voting was delayed for more than an hour when the station failed to get the required five voters to witness the opening of electoral material kits.

Now candidates, through their agents are going to the homes of people they think are their supporters to entice them to go and vote. Kintu Joseph, an agent who was found in Kungu said this is the only way his candidate is going to win.

“Some of those we have gone to have actually turned up and voted. Ideally, we wouldn’t be doing this but it’s the only way if our candidate is going to win,” Kintu said.

Shem Kavulu, an NUP agent we found at Wakiso Town Council moving door-to-door persuading voters to go and exercise their civic right to elect leaders of their choice, said people forget that district leadership is far more important than even the national leadership.      

Another agent, Mikidad Nyombi whom we found at Mpunga in Busiro East said that although it’s understandable why anybody would want to stay away from local government elections, they are too important to be ignored. Kavulu was also moving the door-to-door rallying people to go and vote.

In some places, candidate agents were even offering free transport to voters to go and vote. In Masuulita, the NRM candidate was using taxis and minibuses to ferry voters to go and vote especially those whose polling stations are far from their homes.


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