IUIU Suspends All Staff

The Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) has indefinitely suspended the contracts of both teaching and non-teaching staff. The institution has also temporarily closed all its campuses after failing to pay staff salaries.

The university which is headquartered in Mbale, eastern Uganda, operates two campuses in Kampala and one in the West Nile district of Arua.

It employs 600 full-time members of staff and about 300 on a part-time basis who have all been served with a notice of suspension effective June 1, 2020, following the university management’s review of the institution’s financial status.

The suspension of contracts was communicated to the staff members by the University Secretary Hussein Lukyamazi who indicated that the suspension will be lifted once the university reopens and can resume paying salaries.

“Following the Government of Uganda directive on the closure of academic institutions, the University finds itself unable to continue paying staff salaries and meet other financial obligations because of the sudden and unplanned early closure of the University. Consequently, I am authorized to inform you that it has been decided that employment contracts for all IUIU staff are suspended indefinitely,” Lukyamazi wrote.

A few staff critical departments like Security will continue working to protect the University assets.

According to the university management, at the time President Yoweri Museveni directed all educational institutions to close in March, most of the students had not fully paid their tuition fees, which is the university’s main source of income.

Closure of education institutions was part of the drastic measures undertaken by the government to curtail the spread of Covid-19.

The university management directed the university bursar to work with the management and directors of campuses to ensure that full-time staff at all campuses receive their May salaries.


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