Jinja CPS cells break out: Police officers involved in the escape of Suspects

Jinja CPS

View of Jinja Central Police Station (courtesy photo)

Primary leads within Jinja city’s security circles have linked Sunday morning’s forceful cell breakout at Jinja central police station, to connivance between police officers, suspects, and their powerful contacts who are still at large.

Seventeen suspects are reported to have escaped from police cells at about 8:30 am, under the watch of cell guards, who had been deployed to ensure their safety while under police custody.

Two cell guards who were on duty have been since detained at Jinja central police station awaiting prosecution, for letting the suspects easily escape while singing without even firing a single shot to scare them.

Officials within the Kiira police region security system mandated with the authority to address the press on such matters have downplayed the incident, claiming that the suspects are petty offenders whose escape will not gravely affect the safety of the communities.

But they are being contradicted by their operational colleagues, the Field Force Unit (FFU ) personnel who have told the press off the record of the deadly battle they had with the dangerous suspects in the process of arresting them.

The officers who directly participated in the arrest of the suspects in the areas of Bugembe ward, in Northern division, in Jinja city on Saturday night, said that the suspects were armed with machetes and most of them resisted arrest by physically assaulting officers on lawful duty.

Further confirming the deadly capacity of the escapee, Jinja’s deputy resident city commissioner, Peter Banya journalists that the 21 suspects led by a one “Lipanda,” who are accused of committing acts of raping women and using machetes to gack their victims, were arrested in the areas of Bugembe ward and detained at Jinja central police station.

Banya said that 17 fled on Sunday morning however, four remained behind and they are still being detained at Jinja CPS.

Banya further adds that the suspects were on security’s wanted list for the past two years and their arrest was meant to serve as a relief to the affected communities, who had endlessly filed complaints against them.

However, their peaceful escape without any of the cells guards firing live ammunition to scare them off raises suspicion of an inside job, which should be expeditiously investigated.


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