Justice Kibuuka-Musoke’s family feud over property

The late Justie Kibuuka - Musoke

The family of late High Court Judge, Vincent Ferrer Musoke-Kibuuka is embroiled in a disagreement over the management of his assets. The dispute pits Kibuuka’s children against one of his widows identified as Edith Margaret Kalemeera Kibuuka.

The family accuses Kalemeera of attempting to fraudulently seize the property of the deceased yet they parted ways with the deceased for over a decade. Justice Musoke-Kibuuka, who before retirement in 2014 was serving as resident High Court judge in Masaka, passed away in January this year.

One of his children, Rose Daphine Nakibeeru has sued Kalemeera accusing her of irregularly obtaining the powers of attorney to administer the deceased’s property and obtaining money from the property without knowledge of the concerned family members. In March this year, the Kaleemeera obtained powers of attorney on the deceased’s property, which includes ten pieces of land in Masaka, Kalangala and Entebbe plus four vehicles.

In her application before the family division of the High Court in Masaka, Nakibeeru challenges the issuance of letters of administration to Kaleemeera whom she says had separated with the deceased for almost 10 years before his death.

She wants the court to revoke the powers of administration and restrain the defendant from administering the estates in any way.

“The defendant obtained letters of administration without waiting for the will, which is expected in July 2021 when the last funeral rites of the deceased will be held,” the plaint reads in part. She also says that while the deceased had two underage children of four and six years and other dependents whose interests on the estates of the deceased are also protected in law, the respondent did not include them while applying for powers of administration, something that raises suspicion about her motives.

“We pray that a judgment is entered against the defendant for fraudulently obtaining letters of administration to the estate of the late when they had separated almost 10 years preceding his demise. I have since caveated the said properties as a way of protecting my interests as a beneficiary as well as those of my other siblings who are not mothered by the respondent since she is not their biological mother,” the applicant indicates in her affidavits.

She also wants the court to direct the respondent to return all the monies she has received or collected from the estate during the administration, which she says is fraudulent. Margret Kalemeera, the accused person in the suit has not yet responded to the allegations levelled against her. Hearing of the matter has been scheduled for June 4.


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