Kabarole runs out of COVID-19 vaccines, amidst overwhelming demand

Residents Who had Turned up For The Second Jab at Fort portal Regional Refferal Hospital.


Health workers in Kabarole District are overwhelmed by the demand for the covid-19 vaccine.

The vaccine shortages follow a recent increase in uptake of the covid-19 vaccine in Fort Portal City and Kabarole district.

Last month, Fort Portal City and Kabarole District received only 1,544 doses which were disbursed to five vaccination centres which include Fort Portal regional referral hospital, Bukuuku health centre IV, Mucwa health centre III, Kijura health Centre III, and Rutete Health Centre III.

However, the health workers said that the vaccines were inadequate compared to the number of people that are turning up for exercise.

Four of the five units visited by URN had run out of vaccines.

At, Kijura Health Centre III several people who had turned up for the first and second vaccination were left stranded following stock out of the vaccines.

Peter Mirembe aged 70 years said that he had travelled from the neighbouring sub-county of Hakibale for his second jab but he could not be vaccinated.

Patrick Ndyanabo the Deputy in charge of Kijura Health Centre III said that due to sensitization the public have embraced the vaccination exercise, but they are disappointed there are no.

At Mucwa health Centre III, the in-charge who preferred anonymity says that they had received few doses and many of the people have been turned away.

Steven Muhenda the Fort Portal City Health Officer said they are worried that the stock out of the vaccines could jeopardize the fight against the virus.

The Director of Fort Portal regional referral hospital Luis Muhindo said the ministry of health has promised to bring more vaccines in September as he called for calmness. 


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