Kadaga makes attempt to Reconcile Bugisu NRM Leaders

Following last month’s NRM primary elections that left party sharply divided, the second national vice-chairperson (Female) Rebecca Kadaga spent the day in Bugisu sub-region trying to reconcile the party members.

The ruling party is facing the worst disagreements since the return of multiparty politics in 2005.

The disagreements resulted into the NRM failing to field candidates in Bukanga County, Isingiro district as well as Sembabule district’s Mawogola North.

Most of the losers of the primaries went on to get nominated as Independent candidates which might affect the party’s performance in next year’s general elections.

In the Bugisu, Kadaga who is also the Speaker of Parliament met NRM leaders in Bulambuli, Manafwa and Bududa districts, listening to their grievances and calling for reconciliation between the victors and losers for betterment of the NRM.

During the meeting held at AVS Centre in Bulambuli, Kadaga called on the losers of NRM primaries to align their support to the party flagbearers and also campaign for the party’s presidential flagbearer, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

“Now that we’ve chosen flagbearers, let us all unite and strive to achieve our main goal. We should support the NRM agenda and make sure our presidential candidate emerges victorious,” Kadaga emphasized.

In his address, the NRM chairperson for Bulambuli district, Paul Kimamati blamed the new practice of lining up behind candidates and NRM tribunal as the cause of the troubles during and after election.

Kadaga faulted the NRM tribunal for carrying out work from Kampala and failing to revert to the local leaders about their findings. She however defended the idea of lining up as suggested by NRM CEC saying the method had several advantages that were only misunderstood by some people.

“The NRM Central Executive Committee decided that people should line up behind candidates because they were many complaints of ballot stuffing and so this came as a remedy to end vote rigging and ballot stuffing by people who are against fairness and democracy,” Kadaga added.

Irene Muloni, the former Energy minister also NRM flah bearer for the Bulambuli Woman MP thanked Kadaga for bringing a message of reconciliation to the NRM leadership in the district.

“This makes us feel at home and we thank the Speaker for coming out as a mother to bring us together, ” Muloni said.

Kadaga was confronted with questions about the several unfulfilled government pledges which she promised to follow-up and ensure that government lives up to its expectations of service delivery.

“I believe in service delivery to the people so I will join hands with all Bugisu Members of Parliament to see that most pledges of roads and infrastructure are included in the budget,” Kadaga said.


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