Kadaga Joins Supporters to Turn the Heat on Nankabirwa

Kadaga at Kamuli Youth Centre where she cast her vote on Thursday

After a convincing win over the state minister for Lands, Persis Namuganza in yesterday’s elections for the ruling NRM’s Central Executive Committee (CEC), the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga seems to be turning her focus on Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa, who led a hate campaign against her.

Kadaga tweeted on Friday afternoon, accusing Nankabirwa of threatening her agents.

Kadaga defeated Namuganza with a margin of 2,894 votes in an election that she claims to have been characterized by harassment of her agents. 

“I am exceedingly grateful to the NRM members countrywide who campaigned and voted for me despite harassment and blackmail by state agencies. Am particularly proud of the ministers and members of parliament who stood by me amidst threats by Ruth Nankabirwa,” Kadaga said a tweet.

A screenshot of Kadaga’s tweet. She has since deleted it

While she doesn’t say much in her tweet, her agents have been claiming, through various social media platforms that several of Kadaga’s agents in the central, western and eastern regions were arrested.

 “They even threatened a Minister in Kigezi and Wakiso. The two Ministers stood their ground,” one of the posts partly reads.


For coming out openly and campaign for Namuganza, the Government Chief Whip is now facing the heat.

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Since morning, Nankabirwa has been taking in insults from various NRM supporters who are using the same WhatsApp groups where she posted anti-Kadaga messages last weekend.

“…How wonderful it is that God remains unseen! See how Nakabirwa undressed! She embarrassed herself by stripping herself naked before the party membership and the entire country…” a party supporter said in a one minute and forty seconds-long audio circulated on WhatsApp.

Others accused Nankabirwa of being part of the mafias working against the party.

Screenshot of the chat in one of the NRM whatsApp groups.


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