Kalangala Tense as Bobi Wine is Arrested

The situation in Kalangala district is threatening to turn violent following the arrest of presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu popularly known as  Bobi Wine who was in the islands district to mop up support ahead of the January 14, 2021 elections.

Kyagulanyi was arrested after he cancelled his campaign programme in the islands and returned to the main Buggala Island after the arrest of the majority of his team members.

The police and their counterparts from the military staged a roadblock at Kigerekyanjovu forest in Mugoye sub-county. To cross from either side of the barricade, one had to produce proper identification card.

Journalists too were required to produce their press cards and those without the cards got arrested.

It is from here that the National Unity Platform  (NUP) leader got arrested as he inquired why almost his entire team was being arrested.

None among the security operatives responded to his inquiries until when an order came to have Bobi Wine arrested.

Photojournalists were shoved off as the arrest was being effected. He was led to a waiting police mobile prison van which drove him to Kibanga Primary School playground in Kalangala town council where a military helicopter is waiting.

It is anticipated that the chopper is to airlift him out of the islands.

Bobi wine’s supporters had started protesting prompting the security operatives to fire teargas.


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