Karamoja rejects Kitutu, Nandutu appointment

Members of Parliament hailing from the Karamoja region have protested the appointments of Maria Goretti Kitutu and Agnes Nandutu as Ministers in charge of Karamoja.

A list that circulated on Tuesday evening showed that President Yoweri Museveni had appointed former Energy and Minerals minister, Maria Goretti Kitutu to the Karamoja affairs docket with as former NTV journalist, Agnes Nandutu as the state minister.

Kitutu is the Woman MP Manafwa while Nandutu is Bududa Woman MP.

The Karamoja MPs addressed a press conference on Friday at Parliament, and demanded that the appointments should be revised because appointing people from outside Karamoja will not help the people of Karamoja.

Remigio Achia (Pian) who is also the chairman of the Karamoja parliamentary group says that Karamoja has unique problems that don’t only require an understanding of the region, but also someone who understands the language and can mobilize the people.

He cited the growing insecurity in Karamoja due to cattle rustling among other challenges that need to be addressed by a native minister.

Achia told journalists that the previous ministers in charge Karamoja who were not natives of region were “merely tourists” in the area because they don’t understand the needs of the natives.

Faith Nakut (NapakWoman) says, “the problem with ministers who are not from Karamoja, they come with a mentality that people in Karamoja are backward, and this hinders them from working.”

The MPs’ concerns were re-echoed by local leaders in Karamoja.

Paul Lokol the Nabilatuk LC-V chairman said that the appointment of the two ministers who hail from the Bugisu sub-region to manage Karamoja affairs is an insult to the people of Karamoja.

He says that despite the Karimojong being loyal to NRM, they are still not pleased with the appointments.

“Why send the same people from Bugisu to Karamoja. Are our MPs not legible for those positions? Lokol wondered.

Simon Nangiro one of the opinion leaders says that the appointment of Kitutu and Nadutu both is meant to impress the Bagisu region and not Karamojong.

Joyce Nangiro, a resident of Moroto Municipality says appointing people who do not know pastoralism will not address the concerns of the Karamojongs.


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