Karimojong warriors accused of killing UPDF collaborator

Karimojong warriors have shot and killed a woman who is suspected to have given intelligence information to Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) officers in Kaabong Town Council.

The UPDF said that the woman, only identified as Zam Zam, a resident of Kitome Trading Centre in  Lodiko sub-county was allegedly shot dead by the warriors on suspicion that she was collaborating with security agencies by revealing information about people with illegal firearms.

Area leaders said that the late used to associate with soldiers at her business premises while pointing to the warriors, causing suspicion that she was disclosing those with firearms.

This is the fifth person officially reported to have been killed by the warriors over reports of associating with security agencies.

According to the 3rd division infantry spokesperson, Edrin Mawanda, the Karamojong warriors are looking for people giving intelligence information to security personnel.

 He added that the warriors have also been targeting peace committee members and other operatives attached to the Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

Two members of the Kotido peace committee were shot dead early this month in what locals said was in vengeance because they had been suspected to be revealing information relating to illegal firearms.

 Another peace committee member survived death when people suspected to be warriors fired 31 rounds of ammunition as they tried to kill him from his home in Panyangara.

This was several months after the same warriors killed the Kotido Peace Committee Chairperson Mugur at his home. 

Because of such attacks, the Kotido elders council secretary, John Akore said all peace committee members have currently abandoned their roles due to threats against their lives.

Meanwhile, suspected Dodoth gunmen shot dead another civilian Daniel Igira a resident of Nakidongo Trading Cenre in the same Lodiko Sub County in Kaabong.

 Police have arrested six people in connection to the killing. The security forces have so far recovered 66 guns and 443 ammunition.


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