Katikkiro Mayiga warns against removal of court bail for capital offenses


Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga has called for the maintenance of court bail as a way of ensuring that justice and the rule of law prevail.

The Katikkiro made the call at Bulange Mengo where  Buganda loyalists from Buddu County in greater Masaka presented  1 million Shillings to support kingdom activities. They were led by Hon Aisha Ssekindi, the state minister of water and environment, and Hon Ssewungu Gonzaga and Hon Katabaazi who are the area members of parliament.

According to Mayiga who is a lawyer by profession, a person being accused of murder does not mean that he is guilty. He says the accused person deserves a right to be bailed as investigations go on till the person is presented before the court to prove whether he or she is guilty or not.

Tha Katikkiro has also decried the re-arrest of people who have been bailed out citing it as a desecration of the constitution.

He has also asked the leaders not to involve politics in the investigations of the panga-wielding gangs who have killed over 20 people in greater Masaka. 

Katikkiro Mayiga said this in response to President Museveni’s demand for the removal of court bail. This comes after the brutal re-arrest of MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Mohammed Ssegirinya after being released on bail, after being accused of participating in the Masaka killings. 


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