Katumba Wamala attackers hiding in Bukoto, Ntinda


Investigators into Tuesday’s attack on former Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen. Katumba Wamala believe that the gunmen that riddled his military vehicle with bullets are still hiding within Bukoto and Ntinda areas.

Gen Katumba was attacked along Kisota road by gunmen riding on motorcycles in an incident that claimed the life of his daughter Brenda Nantongo and his driver Haruna Kayondo.

The joint intelligence committee (JIC) led by Brig. Chris Damulira and joint operations committee (JOC) headed by AIGP Edward Ochom has been reviewing footage captured by private and public closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the neighbourhood to extract vital evidence in the investigations.

The JIC brings together the External Security Organisation (ESO), the Internal Security Organisation (ISO),  police and military intelligence personnel while the JOC unites the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF), the Uganda Police, Prisons and Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

Sources within the security circles have revealed the security chiefs have been reviewing footage from seven CCTV cameras including three from private homes along Kisota road that show how attackers shot at Gen Katumba’s vehicle and how they left the scene.

The whole incident lasted 11 minutes as recorded by security cameras.

The CCTV clip released by police on Tuesday afternoon shows the suspected killers joining Kisota-Bukoto road junction at 9:00 am.

They proceeded to Bukoto and branched off at Oryx Energies taking the upward route where the CCTV cameras could no longer see their movements.

It is understood that personnel at CCTV command centre at Naguru police headquarters which also houses the National Security Taskforce were told to retrieve all footage captured in Bukoto and Ntinda areas.

After reviewing the footage for several hours have concluded that the assailants did not go beyond Bukoto.

“All cameras on Bukoto- Kisaasi, Kira –Ntinda, Ntinda-Kigoowa and Kiwatule and others did not capture these motorcycles going through Bukoto or Ntinda areas. This gives us hope that they are still hiding within Bukoto or they abandoned their motorcycles in Bukoto areas,” a senior security source said.

With the hope that the suspects did not go through Bukoto or Ntinda using their motorcycles, security have reportedly deployed dozens of covert intelligence and operations teams ready to faceoff with the alleged shooters.

URN has seen pictures of two cars that allegedly surveyed the area minutes before the arrival of Gen Katumba’s car. One car was captured four times moving within the Bukoto-Kisaasi and Kisota road axis between 7:00 am to 9:00 am.

“We have extracted the images of these cars and motorcycles. We have positioned these pictures in our CCTV system for automated alert in case they are sighted anywhere. We have gathered more than enough information from locals who show these cars seemingly surveying the area,” sources added.

Besides the full-time CCTV monitoring of Bukoto and Ntinda areas, security sources are also planning to cordon off the area and conduct a house to house search in already identified zones.

Sources also added that motorcycles bearing features of those recorded by CCTVs have already been picked.

Maj Gen Paul Lokech who is also the Deputy Inspector General of Police, in his statement, said Gen Katumba was attacked between 8:47 am and 8:58 am. He was moving a Toyota Land Cruiser Registration number H4DF2138.


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  1. The assailants could have hidden their motor bikes in Bukoto and Ntinda areas and used public transport to go back to base.

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