Keep Away from Truck Drivers, MOH Warns

The Ministry of Health has advised the public to keep away from truck drivers after three tested positive for COVID-19. 

One of the truck drivers was a Ugandan national from Tororo district who was travelling from Kenya. He was found in Kamdini. 

The other two truck drivers were a Kenyan and Tanzania who all entered Uganda from different entry points. The Kenyan entered through Malaba while the Tanzanian entered through Mutukula.

While the ministry was able to trace two of the truck drivers, the other truck driver is yet to be found. 

While addressing the media on Saturday, the health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng urged Ugandans to keep away from truck drivers.

During the 21 day lockdown, only trucks transporting cargo are allowed to enter the country through the border points. 

Dr Aceng also warned people who use the trucks as a means of transport. 

“Those who defiantly use these trucks as a means of transport during this lock down period are warned to stop these unlawful acitivities,” she said.

2,500 trucks cross Uganda’s borders daily. 

At border entry points. The drivers are undergoing a mandatory COVID-19 test but are left to go before their results can be released. 

So far, 2,878 truck drivers and turn boys have been tested.

As of Saturday,  Uganda has 55 confirmed cases of COVID-19.


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