Kiyindi residents protest poor Service delivery


kiyindi landing site (courtesy photo)

Residents of Kiyindi Town Council in Buikwe district have raised concerns about the poor service delivery.
According to the residents, ever since Kiyindi became a town council, their leaders have done nothing to improve the area to a better place.

The local government ministry curved Kiyindi town council from Najja Subcounty on January 30, 2019.
According to the residents, they keep paying their taxes in anticipation of better services in vain.
Alice Nakato, a vendor in the Kiyindi market, says that they are choking on garbage in the market as the cleaners take their time to clean the market.

Abubaker Babalonde reveals that the garbage-dumping site is located in the middle of a residential area.
He said that whenever it rains the dirty water from the garbage flows into their homes and businesses.
Amon Ssozi, a Boda boda rider accuses their leaders of embezzling their tax money, which has led to shoddy work in the town council like grading of the roads.

Currently, Kiyindi town council operates on a budget of Shillings 40 million quarterly. Isaac Edward Mazinga, the Kiyindi town council LC III Vice-Chairperson, says that they do their best but are constrained by the little funding.
He also revealed that as a town council, they do not have a code and therefore still receive funding through Najja Sub County.

Musa Lukwago, the Chairperson of Najja Sub-county, said that Kiyindi town clerk rejected the money saying that it was too little.


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