Kyagulanyi declares self winner, calls for peaceful demonstrations


The former National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has duely won the just concluded presidential election and called on his suporters to reject the results that the electoral comission announced through peaceful demonstrations.

The musician turned politician made the remarks today at his party’s Kamwokya based offices while displaying files of result declaration forms (DR) collected from his agents after the polls.

This follows his decision to withdraw from the Supreme Court an election petition he had earlier filed to contesting the re-election of incumbent president Yoweri Museveni.       

 Kyagulanyi claimed that the DR forms that the party collected, when tallied, clearly indicate that he won the 14th January election with 54.19%.

The Electoral Commission announced National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) Museveni winner of the 2021 election with 58.64%. But according to NUP’S audits, Museveni scored only 34.83%.        

He said he tried to challenge the election in court but was met with bias from the judges.

He highlighted the decision to deny him the chance to amend his petition with supporting affidavits and judges who have a history of working closely with President Museveni as reasons that forced him to withdraw the petition.    

Kyagulanyi displayed more than 20,000 Declaration Forms which he said were part of the evidence that was rejected by Supreme Court saying they contained different from those the Electoral Commission announced.

“The rigging of the election results shows that the Byabakama commission rigged this election brainlessly, the rigging was done in such an immature way. From our tally, even with all the ballot stuffing, we beat Gen Museveni with 54.19%,” he said.

 Kyagulanyi has also announced his party’s next course of action by calling upon his supporters to come out and stage peaceful demonstrations. 

“The constitution of Uganda under article 29, gives us the right to protest peacefully,” he said. “I call upon all Ugandans to march to the respective electoral commission offices in your areas of residence and those elsewhere to protest peacefully in any way they see fit as long as it is peaceful.”  

He said that they are going to peacefully protest against President Museveni’s victory on four grounds among which  is a rigged, demanding the immediate stop of abductions,  detention of  people for their conscience, and  trying civilians in military courts.

Yesterday police announced that they had intelligence reports which pointed at NUP supporters planning to hold riots across the country. Amidst heavy deployments on all roads leading to Kamwokya, a police helicopter was also seen hovering over the NUP party offices as the press conference went on. 


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