Kyagulanyi Resorts to ‘Mobile Rallies’ to Dodge Police Disruptions

Having had enough of the police’s disruption of campaign rallies, the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has changed tact and resorted to campaigning in a “rub-a-dub” style. 

The police have on several occasions blocked the music star cum politician from accessing venues of his campaign meetings under the guise of enforcing guidelines intended to slow the spread of Covid-19.

As he entered Mubende from Kakumiro on Wednesday morning, the police were at hand to teargas him out of the main town into a village thrown about 30km away from Mubende town.

He managed to address his supporters for  only five minutes and continued with a ride on a rough and dusty road to Mityana.

More than ten police patrol trucks escorted the presidential hopeful, occasionally throwing teargas canisters to his ecstatic supporters.

The police trucks blocked his convoy at several intervals holding him for more than 20 minutes and later releasing him without telling him a word which forced him to  drop the idea of campaign meetings and resorted to addressing supporters from atop his car as they moved.

This is how he addressed supporters who had gathered in townships such as Kalamba, Kyakatebe, Kiganda, Busuubizi and Myanzi along Mubende-Mityana Road.

 But the police did not miss even a single town without throwing several teargas canisters into the crowds.  

 Kyagulanyi nonetheless took time to accuse President Yoweri Museveni of chasing the locals out of the gold mines that are now allegedly occupied by his brother Godfrey Aine commonly known as Sodo. 

Kyagulanyi further accused Museveni of directly and indirectly crippling talents of the youths whom he has impoverished, but he, Kyagulanyi, gave hope for a bright future.

He has assured the people of Mubende and Mityana that with their vote in his favor to see a change in regime, Uganda will never be the same and everyone will appreciate his leadership. 


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