Kyaligonza: CEC was Intriguingly Pushing Me Out

Maj. Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza

Maj. Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza has taken a swipe at his colleagues at the ruling National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) Central Executive Committee (CEC) for advancing intrigues ahead of the party’s common goal.

Kyaligonza is fighting to retain his position at CEC – the ruling party’s topmost policy organ, as vice-chairman in charge of Western Uganda. He is facing a tough challenge from Housing state minister, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, former MPs Florence Kintu (Kalungu Woman), Boaz Kafuda (Busongora South) and one Dean Kisembo.

Last week, CEC, acting on a legal opinion provided by lawyer Kiwanuka Kiryowa warned that it would be an illegality to allow anyone holding a public service job to contest for any NRM leadership position.

Speaking exclusively to The Witness, Kyaligonza said that CEC had been overtaken by intrigues at the time they reached the decision.

“They were not only acting unfairly but intriguingly pushing me out of the race,” Kyaligonza said.

“The son-in-law [Odrek Rwabogo] who tried to contest against me last time is still angry that his father-in-law directed him to stand down. He used some lawyers to come up with legal opinions to get me out of the race,” he added.

Kyaligonza is Uganda’s envoy to Burundi which according to Kiryowa’s legal advice to CEC makes him a civil servant who ought to have resigned before getting nominated as a candidate.

“I have been an ambassador for 10 years and at the same time a member of CEC. Why are they citing the law now? Am I the only ambassador serving as a CEC member? Kiyonga is also an ambassador, why are they only talking about me?” he wondered.

“I am a presidential appointee just like a minister; being an ambassador is a political appointment, I never applied to the civil service that I get appointed as an ambassador. That is why I told them [CEC] that if he [Museveni] wants, he should drop me as an ambassador. I’m not a career diplomat,” the former bush war fighter added.

Kyaligonza says, there is no way he can leave the affairs of NRM to newcomers without a noticeable contribution to the party’s history.

“I am a liberator, a freedom fighter. I am not like these who came just yesterday,” he said adding that his colleagues at CEC could have wanted to protect somebody. “As they protected others, this person, Matayo Kyaligonza should also be protected.”


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  1. “Liberator”, “freedom fighter” my ass, the whole cabal is full of shit. We can’t wait to see their backs.

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