LC1 Chairperson killed over cattle theft

Police have launched a manhunt for the key suspects accused of involvement in killing Moses Chepsukor, the L C I chairperson of  Tarak village, Kapkwata parish in Kween district for allegedly stealing two cows. 

Chepsukor met his death at the hands of a mob in Bukwo district on Monday evening.

The mob members accused Chepsukor of stealing two cows from Kortek sub-county in Bukwo district. He was intercepted and killed while driving the cows to Kween. 

Aminisi Kayondo, the Bukwo District Police Commander, says that Chepsukor had breathed his last by the time police arrived at the scene.

“We are looking for the people who participated in lynching the suspect because they are not allowed to take the law into their hands,” he said. 

According to Kayondo, incidents of mob justice and revenge attacks are common in Sebei sub region, something he said must stop. 

James Chemasuwet, one of the residents of Kortek claims that the deceased has been a terrible cattle thief and well connected to livestock traders in Bugisu region. 

“I don’t regret the timely death of the chairman because he has been using his position as LC1 chairperson to steal people’s animals and salling them to traders from Bugisu,” Chemasuwet said.

Joel Chelimo, another resident wondered why the whole chairperson who is supposed to rally people against theft can be tempted to steal. 

Samuel Hashaka Mpimbaza, the Bukwo Resident District Commissioner, said that cases of animal thefts in the Sebei region were on the rise, adding that some people from Sebei were collaborating with the Karimojong cattle rustlers.


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