Loser MP withdraws funding for a health centre, refers beneficiaries to new MP

Outgoing Kakuuto MP, Christopher Kalemba has stopped funding the construction of a health facility at Kyakatuuma village in Mutukula Town Council near the Uganda – Tanzania border, after it became economically unviable for him.

On Friday, Kalemba invited journalists to witness as he handed over the incomplete facility to local leaders whom he told to look elsewhere for funding since they had voted him out of Parliament.

“I had undertaken to construct and equip this health facility but since you all know what came out of the elections, I can’t go on with this project. The new MP and other leaders can take it up from here,” Kalemba said.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) politician single-handedly took up the construction of the health centre in 2019 with eyes set on last January’s elections which he lost to Geoffrey Lutaaya of the National Unity Platform (NUP).

Kalemba said that there is no way voters can expect him to live up to his promise of equipping and staffing the facility that is hoped to reduce the distance locals have to travel to access health care services at Kakuuko Health Centre IV.

“The good thing I have roofed it and also put windows and doors, the new MP can start from there,” Kalemba said.

He said that he had turned down calls to challenge Lutaaya’s election, opting to focus on personal projects.

“Much as there are people who have been pushing me to challenge his victory in court, I will respect the voters’ decision and give him time to serve as I concentrate on my other projects. If he fails to live up to the people’s expectations, then we shall plan for a comeback in 2026,” Kalemba said.

Kalemba joined Parliament in 2016, replacing Mathias Kasamba, the director of mobilization and cadre development at the NRM secretariat and also one of Uganda’s nine representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).


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