M23 rebel survives lynching in Bunagana town

A suspected M23 rebel on Thursday survived lynching by refugees camping in Bunagana town council.  

The suspected rebel was found in an area bordering Uganda and DRC with six other people in possession of military uniforms. 

 This happened at a time when the M23 rebels were exchanging gunfire with DRC government troops backed by other militias that include the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDRL), Mai Mai, and Nyatura militias a few kilometers to the border.   

As the unarmed suspected rebel was removing the military attire, he was attacked by the refugees who were armed with clubs and sticks. 

The angry refugees tied the suspect and whisked him to Bunagana town council.

The rowdy refugees were seen demanding answers from the suspected rebel about why the M23 are fighting DRC.

Security authorities led by Hajji Shafique Ssekandi, the Kisoro Resident District Commissioner, and Ismail Ndayambaje, Bunagana town council mayor tried to calm the angry refugees, who instead turned against Ssekandi and pelted his vehicle with stones.

UPDF soldiers who had camped in Bunagana, were forced to shoot in the air to disperse the refugees.  The suspected rebel was saved by the police and taken to Kisoro hospital for treatment.      

According to Ndayambaje, after M23 rebels captured Bunagana, a section of refugees camping in the town council celebrated while others were against the attack. 

He wants security to intervene and force all the refugees out of the town council to a gazetted area.

This is not the first time Congolese in Kisoro are rioting.

 On Tuesday, 47 refugees were arrested from Nyakabande transit center after rioting and blocking the road connecting Kisoro-Mbarara in protest against the transfer of their fellows to Nakivale refugee camp.

They were later released on police bond. Meanwhile, the Congolese Superior Council of Defense has called on the government to suspend the agreements and conventions concluded with Kigali.

According to the government spokesman, Patrick Muyaya the council has also recommended that Rwanda withdraw its troops to Congolese soil.  


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