COVID-19: Malaysia to Deploy Robots

Malaysia’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation is studying the deployment of robotics technology in conducting effective tests to diagnose the coronavirus (COVID-19) and to accelerate its analysis, according to a report by Aswaq Magazine.

The country’s Deputy Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation Ahmed Amzad Hashem said that the Ministry is seizing all available opportunities to continue to shed light on the various innovations proposed by the Malaysian people in combating and controlling the spread of the virus.

“Many people do not know that the laboratory facilities in Malaysia are among the best in this region, and we welcome any suggestions and ideas for using biotechnology, artificial intelligence technology, drones and robots, in dealing with this crisis,” Hashem said.

He explained that the Ministry is developing laboratory services and enhancing the quality of performance in detecting the COVID-19 virus, which will include the method of “remote sensing” and “superstations”, as well as improving digitization to ensure the continuity of the administrative apparatus.


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