Man arrested over murder of 17-year-old girlfriend


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Kiira Region Police are holding a young man in connection to the death of his lover.  

The 22-year-old Denis Wakabi was picked up on Friday evening from the vigil of his stay in girlfriend 17-year-old Sandra Namukose. 

The two have been staying  at Kabukye cell in the southern division, in Kamuli municipality. 

Wakabi, who is in custody at Kiira North Central police station, reportedly delivered the deceased’s body to her parent’s home in Kagoma central village in Buwenge town council in Jinja district on Thursday night. 

The deceased, who was in senior three, is said to have fled from her parent’s home in November last year, prompting them to file a case of a missing person at Kiira north-central police station.

However, in March this year, Namukose called to inform her parents that she was happily married. At the time of her death, Namukose was six months pregnant. 

However, her body was found with wounds in her thighs and private parts, which forced relatives to alert the police. 

A postmortem report seen by URN indicates that there were visible marks on the deceased’s body and that she succumbed to excessive bleeding. 

Namukose’s sister, Elivaidah Nabirye said that Wakabi never informed them whether the deceased was facing pregnancy-related complications or any other health challenge.

“Whenever we tried to access Namukose through direct phone calls, Wakabi would often receive and inform us that all was well. We were surprised when he brought her lifeless body without informing any of us,” she said.    

Kiira Region police spokesperson, James Mubi, said that they have since opened inquiries to establish circumstances surrounding Namukose’s demise. 


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