Man torches house over denial of sex, food



Police in Rubanda district have arrested a man who ran into hiding after torching his family home because of wrangles with his wife.

The suspect has been identified as Denis Kwesiga, a resident of Bigyeegye village in Ikamiro parish in Muko sub-county.

Patrick Abeneimwe, the Muko Sub County, LCIII chairperson said that Kwesiga torched his family home around 5:30 pm on Saturday evening and went into hiding.

He noted that the incident came shortly after Kwesiga developed a serious dispute with his wife, Rachael Ahimbisibwe about three weeks ago.

“The couple had developed a serious dispute three weeks ago and the wife reported the matter to local leaders who intervened,” he said  

He revealed that the disagreement started when Ahimbisibwe accused Kwesiga of neglecting his family responsibilities and resorted to drinking alcoho explaining that as a punishment, Ahimbisibwe denied Kwesigwa his conjugal rights and food.

“This didn’t go down well with Kwesigwa who went home on Saturday evening and decided to torch the family house before fleeing into hiding,” Ahimbisibwe said

 According to Abeneimwe, Kwesiga locked the house and torched it thinking that Ahimbisibwe was sleeping inside.

However, Ahimbisibwe had taken refuge at the neighbor’s home after suspecting  that Kwesiga would harm her .

Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region police spokesperson confirmed Kwesiga’s arrest, saying that he is currently locked up at Rubanda police station as inquiries into the matter continue.

He condemned Kwesiga’s decision to torch the house, arguing that he could have used the local authorities to resolve the dispute with his wife.

“We argue couples to use available legal means to sort out disagreements than acting out of hunger and cause unwanted death sometimes,” he advised  

Domestic violence cases are high in Rubanda district. In June this year, Vian Felix Ahimbisibwe alias Armstrong, 45, a businessman in Habutorebe village in Butare parish torched his family home following a quarrel with his wife Rovinah Muheki for alleged mismanagement of a shop.

Muheki, her children Edwin Tumworobere, 17, Resty West life Akampumuriza, 15, and Maria Ekinamushabire, 05 were burnt to ashes.  Ahimbisibwe accused his wife of infidelity, which led to the collapse of the shop.

Recently, Joyce Kenganzi, the Rubanda District Senior Probation Officer said  that they have been registering more than 15 domestic cases on a monthly basis since the nationwide lockdown started.


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