Masaka Priest to face new charges says Police 


Rev. Father Richard Mugisha

After being absolved by police of murder charges, the Reverend Father Richard Mugisha of Bisanje Catholic Parish, Masaka Diocese now has to put his celebrations on hold. 

Just two days after the Deputy Regional Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) exonerated Father Mugisha of unlawfully causing a suspected thief’s death, Police in Masaka say fresh investigations in the case have commenced and this time following new leads, they may have to summon the priest again. 

According to Muhammad Nsubuga, the Southern Regional Police spokesperson, the priest’s having been exonerated does not mean that the case is closed. 

He explained that they are following the DPP’s guidance to reinvestigate the matter complying with new leads.

A source attached to the investigations told URN that the fresh leads still link the priest and his people to the crime and they are collecting evidence to add to the file. 

The source said they are handling the case with care to avoid jeopardising fresh investigations.

But Mugisha’s lawyer Alexander Lule said the DPP dropped the charges for lack of evidence pinning his client and the circumstances did not warrant prosecution.

 Lule explained that unless the police have new grounds to pin his client, Mugisha remains free at this point. 

Mugisha was accused of causing the death of a suspected thief identified Ronald Kyeyune on October 13, 2021. 

The suspect, also a resident of Bisanje village in Kimanya-Kabonera division, shattered the priest’s car window and entered it. 

The village security committee members on night patrol arrested him. 

But an angry mob emerged and pounced on him beating him into critical condition. 

It is still unclear why the police that rescued the Kyeyune decided to lock the critically injured mob violence victim in a cell instead of taking him to the hospital for medical attention.

Kyeyune died hours later that night in police custody, forcing the police to take his body to Masaka Regional referral hospital for a postmortem as investigations continued on General Inquiry File GEF: 177/2021.

Father Mugisha says he forgave the police and he is ready for anything that may come up against him once again.


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