Mbale buses maintain transport prices for half passenger capacity

Mbale buses

Transport fares from Mbale to different destinations have been maintained despite the president’s opening the transportation to full capacity of passengers by public vehicles.

Last Friday during the end of year presidential national address, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni allowed public transport to resume currying the full capacity of people starting on Monday today after nearly two years of carrying half capacity due to the outbreak of covid-19.

Museveni opened other sectors like sports, cinema and schools which will resume on different dates.

Transport fares countrywide doubled when carrying half the capacity of passengers following the presidential directive which was effected during the initial outbreak of covid-19.

While speaking to our reporter today at his office, Bernard Masaba the vice-chairman of Mbale bus conductors and owners association says that they have maintained the transport fares despite allowing them to carry full capacity of passengers.

He explained that they would love to cut the fares but fuel prices have shot up which has forced them to maintain fares if they remain in the business.

Masaba also says that they are enforcing the issue of allowing only vaccinated passengers to enter the bus.

Simon Nsibambi also the vice-chairperson of Mbale taxi drivers, owners and conductors association also says that they are still carrying passengers on the half capacity fares which are now double.

He added that they are going to hold a meeting tomorrow with drivers and come up with new changes before giving media.

They also urged the government under the ministry of health to extend vaccination centers at taxi and Bus Park so that all drivers and passengers can be vaccinated.

Sandra Namataka, one of the passengers, expressed her disappointment with the transport fares calling for interventions by the government.

She argueed that transport charges cannot remain the same yet public vehicles are carrying the full capacity of passengers.


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