Medical interns call off 29 days strike, resume work

medical interns

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Doctors from the Uganda Medical Association have suspended demonstrations, giving the government until 1st May 2022 to fulfill its promises regarding salary increase for medical interns.

The doctors also want compensation for doctors lost in the line of duty during treatment of covid patients and the provision of tax-free vehicles to advance their mobility at the hospitals.

Dr. Samuel Oledo the president of Uganda Medical Association commended president Museveni and all the medical workers of Uganda for their support during the 29 days of strike.

He noted that medical interns countrywide have resumed work, after an agreement with the government that the pay increment of shs 35 billion was confirmed on the ministry for health account.

Speaking in Kampala, Dr. Oledo said that In the budget for the financial year June July 2022/2023 all medical practitioners’ salaries have been included ranging from 3 million Ugandan shillings including certificate holders.

” We lso expect the ministry for health to put into consideration the consultants who have served for a long time to be placed in regional referral hospitals like Mbarara and be promoted the level of senior consultants with their budget for salaries,” Oledo said.

He added that “Our doctors, nurses, clinical officers and pharmacists will now have enough of the drugs and protective equipment to give patient care because the 35 billion shillings allocated will as well cater for all, we call upon the legislative arm of the government to ensure that all this is out into action before 1st May 2022”.

According to Faith Nabushawo secretary-general federation for Uganda Medical Interns, following the strike demanding improved welfare and implementation of the president’s directives to increase salary pay, a meeting was held on 17th December 2021 at the Ministry for Health chaired by Dr. Chris Baryomunsi on behalf of the ministry for health where a positive resolution on the matters was reached.

Nabushawo said that some among the agreements are, ministry for health received funds from the ministry for finance planning and economic development particularly for the enhancement of medical interns payments, the enhanced internship allowances being Shs 2.5 million for intern medical doctors per month, Shs 2 millions for pharmacists per month and 1.5 millions for nurses and midwives per month.


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