Military, Police in Gulu disperse revelers celebrating New year

Military, Police in Gulu

Thousands of revelers in Gulu City were on Friday dispersed by security personnel from different hangouts as they planned to usher in the New Year.

Security personnel comprising of the Police and UPDF soldiers on foot began their operations to disperse the revelers as early as 9 pm.

By 11 pm, major hangouts and social gatherings like 4U Bar and Restaurant, Password, KSP, Acholi Inn, and Bjs, among others were ordered to close as revelers left in disappointment.

The major streets like Gulu –Kampala Highway, Andrea Olal Road, Gulu Avenue, Acholi Road, Cemetery Road, and Muroni Road, which used to be beehives of activities at night were all quiet as the security personnel were seen stationed on visible spots.

Despite the heavy deployment in the central business center, other hangouts and social gatherings operated as usual.

They include; Wine Garage, Da Covenant, Golden Gate, and the Bus Terminal, among others.

At exactly midnight, dozens of excited motorcyclists hit the streets as they chanted the famous “Happy New Year” phrase while speeding and pressing their motorcycles’ stands on the tarmac which prompted the security personnel to disperse them with sticks.

A security officer who preferred anonymity says that most of the revelers traveled to the outskirts of Gulu City like Kweyo Shoppers, Koch Beach, among others after being chased from the town center.

He said the security officer would follow them and have them dispersed.


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