Ministry of works moves to implement Nabbanja’s directive

Part of the graded George Kimbowa Road in Makerere Kavule

Part of the graded George Kimbowa Road in Makerere Kavule


The Ministry of Works has obeyed Prime Minister Robinnah Nabbanja’s order and started construction of the road leading to her home in Bataka Zone, Makerere Kavule in Kawempe South Constituency. Issuing one of her first executive orders as prime minister, Nabbanja directed the Ministry for works to construct a road heading to her place.

Excited about her new position, Nabbanja who was appearing for the first time in public at Kalerwe ordered for the upgrade of the road to her home “so that even my neighbours can also enjoy, as they are Ugandans”.

Following her order, the Ministry of Works and Transport has rushed to embark on the construction starting with grading the bumpy George Kimbowa road from Bombo road to Nabbanja’s house. The graded section makes up close to one third of the road which is about 300 meters long.

The Chairman of Butaka zone, Ibrahim Kibalama says that having a high ranking government official in the area is already bringing benefit to them with the construction of the road.

Kibalama says that most of the feeder roads in his area are in bad shape and asked Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA to construct them. Kibalama says criminals intercept residents using dark bad feeder roads to steal from them during early morning hours and in the night. 

Joweria Nakachwa, also a resident in the zone is appreciative that the road to Nabbanja’s home is being constructed. However, Nakachwa who sells groceries at the side of a feeder road asked that their road too be constructed. She decried the amount of dust that comes from the current road in its sorry state and how they are exposed to floods during rainy season. 

Nakachwa wants the authorities to extend the construction to neighboring roads so that there is a proper link from Bombo road to Muganzi Awongerwa road.

Ibrahim Gumisiriza, also a neighbor to Nabbanja asked that the road works be extended to cover the entire road. Gumisiriza who owns a retain shop near the road says that a lot of taxis use the road especially during peak hours to beat traffic jam. However, the road is too small to allow vehicles heading into either direction to use at the same time.

Gimisiriza says government should engage residents whose land and developments could be affected by the construction for them to pave way for the road works.

Another resident, Rahma Namatovu is also excited that the prime minister’s order is being effected. Like the others, Namatovu wants the construction to be extended to the road at her place which she says “has been turned into a dust bin by residents who choose to dump garbage on the bumpy road”.

Namatovu adds that the road in its current state poses a security threat since it is dark and a hub for criminals. Besides, the road lacks a proper drainage system hence exposing residents to flooding during heavy rains.


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