MP Ssekikubo, ex minister Kabatsi reconcile


Theodore Sekikubo and Joy Kafura Kabatsi (courtesy photo)

Long-time political enemies, Joy Kafura Kabatsi, the former State Minister for Transport and Theodore Sekikubo, the Lwemiyaga County MP, have buried their differences to jointly lobby for development projects for their electorate.

The reconciliation of the two National Resistance Movement staunch members has left the supporters of both politicians celebrating, saying they exhibited mature politics.

Kabatsi invited Ssekikubo to be one of the official guests to address farmers during the official opening of the first modern farmer’s training and resource centre at Kewaya village in Bwogero parish, Ntuusi sub-county on Sunday.

The two archrivals told their supporters that they had buried their political differences to move on like old political allies and friends for the good of the people.

According to Kabatsi, she did not want further divisions because they would affect greatly the party and deprive their supporters of opportunities.

She explained that she wanted to put the past away from their road to prosperity in other aspects of life besides politics.

Ssekikubo says he had to reconcile with Kabatsi because the political campaigns are over and it is time to work for and lobby for opportunities that will benefit their electorates.

He said they were active colleagues before the political differences fragmented their friendship at some point.

He further added that he knows Kabatsi as a strong mobiliser of projects that will benefit their people which is why he had to reconcile with her.

Ssekikubo says frustrating the efforts of Kabatsi and other stakeholders may affect development in Lwemiyaga.

He pledged to support every person with a program that will improve the livelihood of Sembabule people.

Coreb Tumwebaze, one of the prominent NRM supporters in Lwemiyaga, says they expect to benefit from the reunion since the two politicians are very influential in the development of the Sembabule.

Patrick Nkalubo, the Sembabule LC5 chairman, also the district NRM mobiliser applauded the two personalities for the gesture that portray mature politics.

He says that the leaders of the two rival camps have amicably settled their differences which is a step to transform Sembabule politics.

The two former political allies fell out shortly after the nominations to contest for the party flag with incumbent Ssekikubo for Lwemiyaga County parliamentary seat in the 2021 elections.

Ssekikubo became furious after his longtime friend Kabatsi decided to switch her interest for the Sembabule District Woman parliamentary seat to contest against him for the Lwemiyaga county MP seat.

Kabatsi lost the primaries and Ssekikubo described her as a political failure.

He repeated a similar statement after defeating her in the Lwemiyaga county parliamentary elections which made Kabatsi furious.


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