MPs name suspects in Masaka Killings

Chairperson of the Buganda Parliamentary Caucus and Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi


The Buganda Parliamentary Caucus has given a list of over 30 people suspected to be possible assailants terrorizing people in Masaka to Internal Affairs Minister Gen Kahinda Otafire.

The MPs from Buganda led by their chairperson and Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi met with Otafire at the Parliament members lounge in a meeting called for by the Minister. 

The meeting comes ahead of the MPs’ planned trip to Masaka region where machete-wielding men have been targeting some people.

The attacks have seen machete-wielding thugs hack over 26 people to death over the past few weeks. Greater Masaka comprises Bukomansibi, Lwengo and Masaka districts.

In his report to parliament on Tuesday, the Internal Affairs Minister, Gen David Muhoozi, said there is heightened security in the region, which has led to the arrest of 11 suspects in connection to the attacks.

Now after an hour’s meeting with Otafire, the Buganda MPs agreed to work together with the Government, especially due to the fact that a lot of the country’s money goes into security.

The MPs however refuted the allegation that the security situation was the making of some politicians.

 According to Muwanga Kivumba, it is sad for Government to think that politicians who want votes or leverage from people can go ahead to harm them with machetes

Kivumbi said that those who want to politic, should take it to other places and leave the people of Masaka.

Kivumbi says that the list handed over to the Minister to look through was generated through their networks, among the residents in Masaka.

According to Otafire who spoke to journalists after the meeting, he wanted to put the anxiety of the MPs at rest. He said the Government is trying to involve the politicians in the move to pacify Masaka.

He maintained that politics is part of the reason for the Masaka insecurity.

He said  the situation in Masaka, and now some parts of Kampala is a growing concern, but it takes the public and the local people to help the security organs to defeat the criminals.    


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