Mpuuga pushes for unity among opposition

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Leader of Opposition (LOP), Mathias Mpuuga

The Leader of opposition (LOP) in Parliament Mathias Mpuuga has called for unity among the opposition for a cordial working relationship.

Speaking during a media briefing on the 100 days in office as LOP Mpuuga implored the opposition to avoid friction which he said defeats the opposition’s common goal.

“If you are transiting from one team, leading to another, there is some friction but am glad to state that it is cascading down and we shall find a reason to work together, in working together we safeguard our territory. An attempt to divide ourselves would be to surrender this territory,” Mpuuga said.

Following January 2021 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, the National Unity Platform (NUP) emerged as the opposition party in Parliament with majority MPs, replacing the opposition Forum for democratic change (FDC) which has over the years been the opposition party with majority MPs.

The emergency of NUP as the main opposition party, according to Political analysts didn’t go down well with FDC, something which has created disunity among the opposition.

However, according to Mpuuga, the opposition needs to work together for the good of the opposition movement in Uganda.

Mpuuga who was accompanied by shadow cabinet ministers such as Joyce Bagala the shadow minister for information and Anti-corruption, Betty Ethel Naluyima, the shadow minister of Local Government among others, said during the last 100 days as LOP, he has helped unite members of the opposition in Parliament.

He said the opposition leadership has as a way of promoting togetherness appointed members of the opposition from different political parties to head Parliament accountability committees and the shadow cabinet.

“As the leader of the team, I have set out to make sure that whatever is set out depicts that desire to unite. When we were choosing leadership here, we chose to look at that need. If you look at the spectral of committees by the opposition, they are properly dotted with opposition from different parties. When you look at the shadow cabinet, all opposition parties in Parliament are represented,” he said.  

Mpuuga also defended his style of work as leader of opposition which many have described as diplomatic.

According to Mpuuga when he was appointed LOP by NUP, he never dreamt of imitating any one, but to offer leadership services for the benefit of Ugandans.

“ I never wake up to be like any other person, I wake up to work that way I know work is done and you see the work of Parliament is not a one man’s show, for all human task, you need a horse and bear and I think I have the right mix in the opposition,” Mpuuga said.

He noted that as LOP he has not stopped any opposition member of Parliament or group from doing things the way they think should be done.

On the 100 days in office as LOP, Mpuuga described the period as full of achievements and challenges adding that he has used the time to select a team of opposition members to work on opposition aspirations in Parliament.

According to Mpuuga, the team including committee chairpersons and shadow ministers will enable the opposition to achieve its planned agenda.


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