Mukono RDC, MP Nambooze Face-off over COVID-19 Sensitization

Mukono Resident District Commissioner, Fred Bamwiine has declined to approve movement of a sound truck hired by the Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament, Betty Nambooze to sensitise residents on the corona virus pandemic.  

Nambooze hired a sound truck to reportedly help translate the president’s directive on corona prevention for her electorate. According to the legislator, many residents especially those in rural areas don’t understand the president’s directives.          

She also notes that despite the fact that people in urban centers followed the president’s address on television, only a few of them understand English, which the president used to communicate, adding that majority of the residents are acting contrary to the presidential directives out of ignorance, which has resulted into endless battles with security.

Nambooze is also dismayed that those authorised to sensitise residents on the corona virus preventive measures are only focusing on hand washing and avoiding physical contacts leaving out other sensitive directives issued by the president.    

Despite the MP’s concern, the Mukono Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Fred Bamwine has declined to clear her sound system for the drive on grounds that they have sufficient teams conducting the sensitisation. 

He also insists that people understand fully what is going on but they are resistant to obeying government directives.

However, some residents say they still need clarification on the president’s directives. Hajji Kavulu Kitaka, a resident at Nakifuma Sub County in Mukono district is one of those who have visited the RDC’s office twice to seek clarification on the president’s directives on shops. 

Kitaka says he was prompted to seek the RDC for clarification following a police raid on shops selling food.  

Joseph Maganda, another resident wonders why security is confiscating their motorcycles, which they use to transport food and produces for home use.  

In his directive early this week, president Museveni announced a total lock down of both public and private transport with the exception of emergency vehicles. He however, allowed cargo trucks and Boda boda riders to make home deliveries. 

He also ordered for the closure of shops with the exception of those selling foodstuffs.  


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