Museveni Asked to Investigate NUP VP over Messy NRM Primaries

Losers in the just concluded National Resistance Movement (NRM) primaries in Bududa district are accusing John Baptist Nambeshe, the Manjiya Member of Parliament and National Unity Platform (NUP) vice president for Eastern Uganda for sponsoring fake candidates in their elections.

Led by Bududa district LC-V chairman, Wilson Watila who lost the hotly contested NRM primary elections in Bukigai county, the losers claim that Nambeshe played a huge role in the NRM primaries. 

Nambeshe is among the 37 NRM MPs who opposed the lifting of the constitutional age limits in December 2017, and one of the three MPs that defected from the ruling party in August this year to join NUP.

In a joint petition dated October 1, and addressed to the NRM  Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, the losers claim that the NUP vice-president sponsored candidates to run in the NRM primary elections at different levels.

The petition is jointly signed by former contestants for the NRM party ticket for various positions including parliamentary, Local Government chairpersons and councilors both at the district and sub-county level.

For instance, the petitioners told Museveni that Khaukha Mukobe who beat former Kumi Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Hussein Kato Matanda to the NRM flag in Manjiya county was fronted by Nambeshe. 

They further told Museveni that a lot of money is getting to Bududa through Hands of Action Uganda, a briefcase NGO funded by Americans.

“Specifically in Manjiya constituency many People Power youths have gone to the offices of this NGO and received facilitation for pinning posters of Robert Kyagulanyi and Hon. Nambeshe as well as the posters of Khaukha Mukobe, the planted candidate by Hon. Nambeshe,” the letter partly reads.    

 “This organization is the sole funder of most violent activities in elections in the district. In fact, some registrars were being called to go and collect money from the same NGO offices for facilitation in fostering the interests of Hon. Nambeshe and team. CMI and ISO must pick immediate interest in the undercover activities of this NGO before the situation goes out of hand.”

The losers have also contested all the results from the primary elections accusing the NRM registrar in the district, Michael Watalunga Wanditi of being “highly corrupt and fraudulent.”

They demanded for Watalunga’s resignation over alleged failure to fulfil his mandate and working closely with Nambeshe who openly mobilized and financed them to tamper with the primaries, adding that they don’t recognize any flag bearer in the district until fresh primaries are held.


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