Museveni Commissions Mukono Power Plant

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Monday commissioned a 189 megawatt power sub-station to serve the Mukono  industrial park in Mukono district.

Commissioning government projects is the alternative that the ruling National Resistance Movement  (NRM) has found for Museveni to touch with the electorate following the Electoral Commission (EC) ban on campaigns in at least 13 districts.

The EC announced the ban on Saturday as a precautionary measure against further spread of Covid-19. But since Museveni still enjoys the clout of a head of state, he can visit the restricted districts in that capacity.

“Today I am putting on a suit because they said there is no campaigning but it seems the Electoral Commission placed me together with the  others like Robert Kyagulanyi that have been holding the rallies but God is watching. We always have leaders meetings and when we meet leaders, we don’t get out. However, since he has ordered, we must obey,” he said.

Speaking about the new power sub-station, Museveni said that is an outcome of the NRM’s relentless efforts to improve power generation.

“We started by repairing the old Owen falls dam power station we later named Nalubaale. We repaired it to its original 150 megawatts and also upgraded each turbine from 15 to 18 megawatts to have a total of 180 megawatts,” he said.

“That’s how the economy grew very fast .The 180 megawatts caused a lot of growth in economy and at one time hit 11% of GDP.”

Museveni said that in 2006, he put his foot down and Parliament accepted his proposal to have funding for electricity and roads, a decision he said has greatly paid off.

 “After the 2006 election, I put my foot down and MPs read my mind. They listened to my advice to put more money on roads, electricity. All these things we talk about now are from that decision.”

“Most of these projects like the Mukono- Katosi and the Mukono- Kayunga-Njeru roads are because of this decision and we are continuing with this.”

According to Valentine Katabira, the deputy CEO for Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited, the new 183megawatt power sub-station that will serve Mukono industrial park will convert 132kv to 33kvs that can be distributed to the industrial park.

He noted that the sub-station will now address the problem of unreliable power in the industrial park which currently has 75 factories.


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