Museveni Focuses on Poverty Eradication as He Combs Ankole for Votes

President Yoweri Museveni has asked the ruling National Resistance Movement   (NRM) leaders in Ankole to emphasise his anti-poverty campaign messages as he began his presidential campaign tour of Western Uganda.

On Monday, Museveni met NRM leaders from the districts of Isingiro, Kazo, Kiruhura, Ibanda, Mbarara and Mbarara City at Mbarara Boma grounds where he asked the party leaders to remind the electorate about how the NRM has turned around Uganda from a failed country to one liked by everyone.

Museveni noted that the ideology of the NRM is an integrated one that one thing leads to the other.

Asking the leaders to lead by example, Museveni said the biggest problem that Uganda currently faces is poverty that he said ought to be tackled decisively.

“Small scale agriculture is the way to go for people with small pieces of land. Use one acre for growing coffee, the other one for food for the family and the remaining two for fruits and pasture for animals. This will be a source of wealth and jobs for our people but you need to lead by example,”Museveni said.

The NRM presidential flag bearer also addressed the party youth leaders from the  Ankole sub-region and  urged them to work for unity of the country and the region at large.

He urged the youth leaders to embrace government programs  as one of the ways to help them fight poverty.

Museveni also cautioned party supporters about the risk of congregating in large numbers in the current times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“While coming here, I found many people on the way who wanted me to welcome me but I apologise for not stopping to greet you. It is not that I don’t care about you but it is because I care about your lives during this Covid-19 pandemic. If I stop to greet you, it insinuates that  I have encouraged you congregate. My mask is very strong that I cant get infected by the virus but I don’t want  to make you sick,” Museveni said.

“When I see people congregating, I see it as not being necessary. I will address you on the radio and TV to give you the NRM message without exposing you to the virus,” he added. 


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