Museveni: I have Agents in the Opposition


At long last, President Yoweri Museveni has admitted that some political activists in the opposition are his agents on a mission to understand his rivals’ plans.

He however warned NRM politicians against having individual arrangements with the opposition.

“Yes, we have our agents in the opposition who get us information but I have to deploy them. Now, when I see [NRM people] there [in the opposition] without my instructions, I wonder who has sent them or what has taken them there,” Museveni said as he addressed a meeting of NRM politicians at Kakyeeka stadium in Mbarara.

The meeting was called to calm tampers within the NRM ranks following last week’s chaotic NRM parliamentary primary elections.

The meeting mainly focused on the violence that characterised the elections in Isingiro district where at least three people died.

The police identified the dead as Wilber Nkabadiho, a resident of Katuragye village in Katuragye sub-county, Musa Bright, a resident of Rugaga trading centre and Gordon Muhumuza, a resident of Karo A in Kabuyanda town council.

All candidates from the Mbarara sub-region districts that participated in the primaries attended the Kakyeeka meeting.

Museveni was prompted to speak about his moles in the opposition after a security report tagged the violence in the NRM polls to some opposition activists.

Among the opposition activists that were involved in the NRM primaries is a one Brian Ampeire aka Unstoppable that Museveni linked to a group led by Kampala deputy Lord Mayor, Doreen Nyanjura “that is known for causing chaos in Kampala.”

Ampeire, Museveni said, got involved in the Isingiro fracas as an agent of Dr. Ponsiano Mugyenyi who competed against Brig. Bright Rwamirama, the state minister for Animal Husbandry, for the NRM flag in Isingiro County.

“Security operatives saw him [Ampeire] here… What would the opposition be doing here [in an NRM process]? You make contacts with the opposition? As who? Are you involved with them as a spy or…” Museveni wondered.

“Unstoppable [Ampeire] —Mugyenyi’s agent— is among those who took a dead pig to Parliament,” he added.

Museveni also accused the outgoing Isingiro district chairman, Jeremiah Kamurari, of being among the NRM politicians who took opposition activists to the district.

Kamurari lost  the Bukanga West NRM flag to Stephen Kangwangye, a close relative to the first family.

“Kamurari has a person he works with called Benjamin Kato Mukiibi, he comes from Rwangabo…he [Benjamin] is a member of Kyagulanyi’s NUP [National Unity Platform] –  People’s Power…” Museveni said.

He went on to accuse the same Kamurari of having spread the foot and mouth disease in Isingiro district affecting cattle trade in the area.

“He is the one who brought Foot and Mouth disease to Isingiro… I was going to imprison him for messing up the economy by bringing the disease from Tanzania… He [Kamurari] is always doing things that have no meaning,” Museveni said.

From Mbarara, Museveni headed to Sembabule for a similar meeting.

Due to wide spread violence, primaries in two constituencies – Mawogola West and Mawogola North were were called-off as the NRM chairman bought time to find a solution to the bad blood between his brother, Godfrey Aine Kaguta, and daughter-in-law, Shartsi Musherure Kutesa.

Aine and Musherure are competing in Mawogola North, currently represented by Foreign Affairs minister, Sam Kahamba Kutesa who fronted his daughter; Musherure to replace him.

In Mawogola West, MPs Joseph Ssekabiito is fighting with Anifa Bangirana Kawooya.


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