Museveni names suicide bombers in Kampala twin bomb blast

Kampala twin bomb blast

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (courtesy photo)

President Yoweri Museveni has asked Ugandans to be more vigilant, following the Tuesday Morning twin bomb explosions in Kampala City.

Museveni has also named the attackers behind the bomb blasts that left six people and 33 injured.

In a statement released on Tuesday night, Museveni listed the names of the alleged suicide bombers.

“The bomber of CPS was by the names of Mansur Othman and one of the IGG offices is by the names of Wanjusi Abdalla,” Museveni said.

According to the President, the details were got from the third would-be suicide bomber who security arrested from Bwaise but noted he later succumbed to bullet wounds he suffered during the arrest earlier on Tuesday.

“Earlier on, at about 10:30hours, the CMI/Police squads had injured and captured the third terrorist in the area of Katooke, Bwaise with his bomb. He, later, died but gave us very good information before dying. His name is Musa Mudasiri,” Museveni explained.

Museveni confirmed that the attackers are part of the Allied Democratic Forces(ADF) group that was recognized as a terrorist outfit.

He referred to the deceased suicide bombers as manipulated victims of confusion, and also blamed those responsible for radicalizing them and described them as pigs.

“The real pigs are people like Nsubuga, the so-called Sheikh that confused young people at Lweza. If blowing oneself up will send one to Jana, let him blow himself up as an example instead of manipulating young children,” Museveni said.

The President assured the public that all those who are part of the terror sleeper cells will be brought to book.

“The terrorists invited us and we are coming for them,” he said. Museveni also asked the public to remain vigilant.

“Therefore, the public should maintain vigilance of checking people at entry points to bus parks, hotels, churches, mosques and

The Tuesday morning attacks claimed the lives of six people, three of whom were suicide bombers whereas 33 people were injured and rushed to Mulago hospital.

The incidents come barely a month after two separate explosions rocked a pork-eating joint in Komamboga, a Kampala suburb, and a Swift Safari bus along the Kampala -Masaka highway.

Two people died in the explosions.

The ADF group operating in the volatile DRC’s North Kivu province near the border with Uganda has seen several military offensives against its bases but the group has on several occasions regrouped to cause havoc.


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