Museveni praises Nantaba, defends self over unfulfilled pledges in Kayunga

Museveni praises Nantaba

President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday evening defended his government over the delayed fulfillment of various development projects in Kayunga district.

He also pointed out the good deeds like MP Aidah Nantaba securing and defending citizens’ land rights, governments’ working on the Kayunga Kamuli bridge.

Museveni had appeared in Kayunga to canvass support for the party candidate Andrew Muwonge, he addressed a crowd of people transported using yellow buses from various parts of the district to Kayonza sub-county, he however realised that the delayed pledges were affecting the party popularity.

During the previous visits to the district, Museveni promised tarmacking Kayunga-Bbaale-Galiraya road, construction of seed schools at various sub-counties as well as giving out tenancy titles to residents facing evictions on land at Bbaale county as well as ending land wrangles.

However, on Tuesday Museveni told residents that the pledges would have been worked upon but the government always has priorities and in Kayunga they considered refurbishing the general hospital and Kayunga-Kamuli bridge.

He made an assurance that the road will be constructed.

Recently also the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja secured boats to provide free transportation of people across flooded areas Bbaale sub-county as well as securing land to set up an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp with temporary health and education facilities.

Museveni appealed to residents to consider voting NRM candidate than opposition candidate for a proper flow of information which will increase various opportunities such jobs, follow up on pledges and big funding for development projects.

About land wrangles, Museveni said he has learned that NRM leaders such as Moses Kaliisa Karangwa and the candidate are fueling some of the wrangles.

He invited Karangwa to defend himself about the allegations.

About tenancy titles, the president praised the District Woman Member of Parliament Idah Erios Nantaba, for following up the process of titles securing 1,000 land titles for residents.

The residents are currently ready to receive the land titles as arrangements shall be done by the district.

Muwonge, the NRM candidate defended himself before the president putting the entire blame of land wrangles on the incompetent district land committee selected by the previous leaders after receiving bribes.

Meanwhile, Museveni campaigned in two sub-counties of Kayonza and Busaana.

His presence failed campaigns of the National Unity Platform candidate Harriet Nakwede whose venue was canceled by the Electoral commission.

Nakwedde was intended to host the Party Principal Robert Kyagulanyi.

As a result, NUP supporters protested the move compelling the joint security forces including the army and police to fire teargas gas and live bullets to disperse the crowds.

In the process, the NUP candidate, Nakwede and Francis Zzaake, the Mityana MP and others sustained injuries while others whose number we are yet to establish got arrested.


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