Museveni to name VP, PM this week

NRM presidential flag bearer, Yoweri Museveni, with secretary-general, Justine Kasule Lumumba.

President Yoweri Museveni is expected to name his picks for Vice President and Prime Minister ahead of the national budget reading ceremony scheduled for Thursday, June 10.

On Monday, Museveni met National Resistance Movement (NRM) MPs at Kololo independence grounds to ask them to endorse his proposal to have a cabinet of 80 ministers.

Articles 113(2) and 114 (3) of the Constitution fixed the number of cabinet and state ministers respectively at 21 but give Museveni leeway of seeking a parliamentary approval before expanding the size of cabinet.

Like he did in 2016, Museveni intends to have 29 cabinet ministers and 51 state ministers.

“The present lineup is 79 including the Vice President. I just want to add one State Minister for some reasons I will give later,” Museveni told the NRM MPs who unanimously approved his suggestion.

He promised to name the cabinet “soon” but Oscar Kihika, the director of Legal services at the NRM secretariat reminded him that the procedure of varying the number of cabinet ministers would require the President to first propose the names of the Vice President and Prime Minister which would then be presented to Parliament for vetting.

“Thereafter, the two individuals would then be sworn in so that they take office. That would then enable the Prime Minister, having taken office to come to parliament and propose the number of the rest of the cabinet members as you would have elected,” said Kihika.

Kihika further told the meeting that Parliament’s approval of the proposed number of Ministers would then pave way for the president to release names of those appointed ministers and to be vetted by Parliament.

Museveni agreed to Kihika’s guidance saying that he would “very soon name the Vice President and Prime Minister as guided and later a list for ministers.”

He appealed to the NRM Parliamentary caucus to support the proposed new number when a motion is finally presented on the floor of parliament.

Meanwhile, Museveni appealed to the NRM MPs to desist from forming factions saying that these are not good for the ruling party since they don’t add any value.

Giving an example of the recent Speakership campaign and election, Museveni congratulated the legislators for heeding to his call, also noting that no one would be victimized after this process.  


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