Museveni won’t Stop Making Empty Promises, Tumukunde tells Teso

Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde on the campaign trail in Eastern Uganda

Former Security Minister, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde is skeptical that President Yoweri Museveni will ever fulfill his promise to compensate the people of Teso for their lost wealth. The independent Presidential candidate on Friday took his campaigns to Katakwi, Amuria and Kapelabyong districts as he seeks to end Museveni’s more than three decades hold onto power.

Like other presidential candidates who have previously campaigned in the Teso sub-region, Tumukunde also addressed the stalled restocking program for Teso which was announced at the beginning of the century, aimed at empowering communities, which were affected by the Karimajong cattle rustlers and the Joseph Kony-led Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency.

“I remember he promised to compensate for your cows [about] 16 years ago and you are still waiting… I know there are very many [army] veterans listening to me, they know I don’t lie; I think we are going to keep waiting for these promises [to be fulfilled] until Jesus comes back,” Tumukunde said, further telling youths not to be excited about the government’s recent initiative on wealth creation code-named Emyooga.

“He [Museveni] is now going to tell you about some new design – Emyooga; then you fill forms, then you send them… when the election ends, a new story will come.”

Tumukunde also told the people of Teso to reflect on the factors that have forced out the majority of the historical NRM revolutionaries.

“You notice that those of us who started with Museveni have left him and he is now with [the state minister for ICT, Peter] Ogwang that he is dealing with grandchildren. Where are the sons? My question is; how can you have grandchildren without sons?” Tumukunde wondered.

“The only Itesot still within him is Gen. Jeje [Odongo, the minister for Internal Affairs], I don’t know whether the sons were killed by the Karimojong or Covid-19. But the science is very simple, I know him [Museveni]; you pick people [use them] and drop them, very soon, he will drop Ogwang. The only one who continues is himself,” the former spymaster added.


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