Muslim wrangles; Tabliq sect warm up for elections

Muslim Faithful belonging to the Tabliq sect, have been mobilized to take part in the forthcoming Uganda Muslim Supreme Council elections as the only way to bring about the change they so much desire in the administration of Islam in Uganda. 

The Tabliq Muslim sect has always been at crossroads with the leadership at UMSC, over administration issues.

 Earlier this year, different Muslim sects met president Museveni to come to an understanding and pledged unity moving forward.  

  According to Amir Umah sheik Yunus Kamoga who heads the Tabliq sect,  elections are the most effective way that can cause the change they have been seeking for a long time.

He adds that this is part of the step-by-step mission to reconcile all the different factions in the Muslim faith.

  “Go and vote the right people into those offices, and this time around we are going to take the harmony route, no fighting and flexing will be entertained,” he advsied.

The Uganda Muslim Supreme Council general assembly elections are due soon since the term of office to the current one expires on 14th July.  The election dates are yet to be set.

At Wandegeya mosque, the Muslim faithful have been advised to refrain from going overboard while celebrating the feast of Eid.

 In his message to the faithful, sheik Kizza Kasule, the Imam of Wandegeya mosque, says this day is for celebration, as it’s known and also allowed, but Muslims have to be very careful when celebrating because Satan is waiting to trap them. 

According to Kizza, on such days many people tend to over-celebrate and do acts that annoy the almighty God, and what would have been a holy feast, turns into sin, so they should be careful, not to fall into that trap.

  At Masjid Shuaib in Kawempe, Muslims were urged to love one another and also share what they have with the needy on this Eid day.  

 Sheik Isaak Kamulegeya from Kawanda who led the prayers said that this is a time when Muslims have to share the little they have with the less privileged people.

He also urged Muslims who are to slaughter animals to give the best to God as a sacrifice and also not to infrlict pain on the animals while slaughtering them. 

Ibrahim Hassan Swaib Ssemakula the leader of protocol at the mosque advised the Muslim youths to work hard amidst the challenging financial crisis that the country is experiencing to sustain their religion and families.  

Ssemakula also called on believers to support the campaign for the reconstruction of the mosque which requires over a billion shillings so that they can accommodate the hundreds of Muslims who use the mosque.  

However, some of the believers who came for Eid prayers raised concern about the increase in prices of animals leading to many of them not being able to get meat as it used to be.   

Hanifah Nangaye said that at her home she used to slaughter a cow but this Eid she is hoping for a goat which can’t be enough to serve her people.  

Musa Abdul Kadala said that he is going to use this Eid to share what he has with the needy and also to strengthen the belief by sacrificing an animal to God.  


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