Nabakooba blasts Police over evictions of Bibanja holders

Lands, Housing and Urban Development Minister, Judith Nabakooza


The Lands, Housing and Urban Development Minister, Judith Nabakooza has castigated the Police for slapping criminal trespass charges against Bibanja holders resisting eviction from their homes by their landlords.  

“The issue of trespass is everywhere, even if someone is on their Kibanja it is called trespass. The next thing you see are summons to appear on trespass. So, I was perturbed, which trespass when somebody is on their kibanja or in their home?” the Minister asked.

Nabakooba, who retired from the police to join active politics, advised her former colleagues to ask as peacemakers instead of disturbing the peace of communities.  

She said this while halting an ongoing eviction of more than 1500 people from three square miles of land in Kirwanyi – Buwekula in Mubende District on Friday. She said they have to follow up with the court on the land.

 It is alleged that Milly Nava Namutebi, the purported landlord with the help of high-profile security personnel and the police have since evicted residents from the land and those who resisted their move were imprisoned on various charges.

According to the residents, the land in question belonged to the late Zakaria Kikonyogo and is currently under the custody of Edith Nakabugo, Henry Kaaya, Nicholas Jackson. 

   The disputed land registered under Kitule Estate in Buwekula Sub County has been under contention since 2012 when Ms Namutebi sought to occupy it without considering the interests of the occupants.

Elineo Ssemwole, one of the local leaders, says that Namutebi has always used high-profile government officials and security personnel to evict them from the areas they have occupied for more than four decades.


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