Nadduli: NRM is Led by Merchants

Months after falling out of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party leadership, Hajji Abdul Nadduli is turning into fierce critic of the ruling establishment.

From his Luweero bastion, Nadduli, who until two months ago was the ruling party’s vice chairman  (Central region), told journalists that, leadership in the party is now driven by a desire for money as opposed to promoting the party ideology.

This, he said, sharply contrasts the ideals of nationalism, democracy and socio-economic transformation, that pushed National Resistance Army (NRA) combatants to join the five-year bush war that thrust Yoweri Museveni and the NRM into power nearly 35 years ago.

Nadduli cites the recent NRM primaries saying that the struggle to obtain the party ticket to contest for elective positions is no longer driven by the desire to transform the country and promote the party ideology but to find a way to get money from the government.

He said that this explains why many capable leaders are running as Independents because many politicians used money to secure NRM party tickets.

Unhappy with the outcome of the NRM primaries, the presidential advisor encouraged his son, Sulaiman Jakana Nadduli, to defy party rules and run as an independent candidate for the Nakaseke Central parliamentary seat.

Jakana lost the primary elections to the incumbent, Syda Bbumba who garnered 8,531 votes against his 3030 votes.

Like his father, Jakana, says the commercialization of NRM politics has made it extremely difficult for aspirants to unseat incumbents.  

At least ten candidates in the greater Luweero districts of Nakaseke, Luweero and Nakasongola are seeking election to Parliament as independents after losing the NRM primaries.

Efforts by party leadership to get them out of the race in favour of the official party candidates have been futile.

Zenar Nasur, the Luwero District NRM Vice Chairperson, says greed for money isn’t limited to NRM but it cuts across all political parties. Nasur says complaints of bribery emerged from the National Unity Platform political during the vetting exercise.

 She says it’s time for all parties to rethink their future and stop the commercialization of politics if they are to survive for another generation.


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