Napak to sack staff without smartphones

Panic has gripped the district staff in Napak following the directive by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Richard Ssebandeke, requiring all staff to own smartphones in name of promoting the government policy of digitizing public service.

Ssebandeke used the district’s version of the International Women’s day celebrations to issue a week’s ultimatum for all civil servants to acquire a smartphone.

He said officers without smart phones were hindering governmnet efforts to make Uganda digital.

“Mr. LCV chairman [Joseph Lomonyang], I need the council to help on this because we can’t continue having officers who are not interested in moving with the world,” he said.

“The world has gone digital, and the smartphone does a lot of work including office work. When an emergency report is needed, and maybe the officer is not in office, he or she can do the work on the smartphone,” he said.

His announcement shocked the district staff and some where overheard wondering where they would get the money for smartphones within a week.

“For sure smartphones do a lot of work and most people would love to have it but some of us have different responsibilities which can’t allow you to spend Shs 700,000 to Shs 1 million to get a good smartphone,” said Solomon Tikol, a district staff.

For Pascal Teko, an office assistant, it will be hard for her to buy a smartphone from her monthly pay of Shs 230,000.

“Really I think I will be the casualty because I have heavy burdens and sometimes my salaries can’t help to support me, so I don’t know what will happened to me,” Teko said.


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