New Year: Archbishop Kasujja calls for peace

Archbishop Kasujja

The former Papal Nuncio to Belgium Archbishop Augustine Kasujja has called upon Ugandans to make peace as the main target for the year 2022.

Speaking at Lubaga Cathedral while presiding over the New Year’s mass, Kasujja said his message was in line with the Pope’s message which comes up with a message to world leaders that they should embrace in order for people around the world to live in peace and harmony.

Kasujja said this year, the Pope implored leaders to seek dialogue instead of war, integral education rather than weapons if the world is to live in peace.

For his part Ivan Aloysius Kalanzi, the Kampala Archdiocese head of the laity called upon Ugandans to shun divisions based on religion and tribes.

He said people must understand that they are different and therefore must strive to live in harmony with each other despite their religious and ethnic diversities.

He also called upon the political players to tone down on their rhetoric especially that which divides people.

He said being in opposition doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to oppose everything the government does even those that are in the interest of the country.

During the mass, 213 children received different sacraments including confirmation, holly communion and Christian Full Communion (omujiji).

Kasujja thanked parents who have ensured that their children went through the necessary teachings that enabled them receive the sacraments today.

Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus and the subsequent COVID-19 lockdowns, government had put a moratorium on any sort of gatherings hence limiting the children’s capacity to study.

As a way of going about the blockade, some children have been receiving online catechism studies, while some parents have been hiring catechists to teach them from home.


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