NRM Polls: Guns were used to Procure Victory, says Lumumba

Justine Kasule Lumumba, the secretary-general of the ruling NRM has asked the party’s chairman, President Yoweri Museveni to reign in some of the senior people who with impunity freely changed the results of NRM primaries.

The party’s primaries to choose the party’s parliamentary flag bearers last Friday turned chaotic as rival candidates drew guns at each other which in the process led to at least six deaths.

Speaking at the flagging off of the distribution of motorcycles to NRM sub-county chairpersons, Lumumba told Museveni that some of losers were declared winners at gunpoint.

“Some have done things with impunity… [for instance] in Butemba county Kyakwanzi district, one of the candidates who got 3,000 votes brought in soldiers, cordoned off that place, and was declared a winner and off they went away,” Lumumba said.

She also reported that in some areas, registrar were lured into changing results on the declaration forms from the villages.

Speaking, Museveni threatened to prosecuted whoever will be implicated in the changing of results.

“All those who have made a fool of themselves will go to jail. If we find that you changed results, you will be charged with forgery. This game is finished. If you try to change declaration forms, the villages are available. Once there is any suspicion, we shall go to the village, check and go for you instead of going to parliament you will go to jail for committing forgery,” Museveni said.

Museveni blamed the police for failing to do its work.

“I told the IGP [Martin Okoth-Ochola] that if the police don’t do their work, I will do it myself by arresting the police officers themselves,” Museveni said.

 “There was violence in Bukono county [Namutumba district] where people were beaten. I got information that Police has not done much work. Some [policemen] have been arrested and given a police bond; there is no police bond for somebody who has attacked Ugandans,” he added.

He vowed to deal with whoever will be found culpable for the mess that characterised the party primaries. 

Museveni also wondered why the police would shoot at unarmed people who were fighting amongst themselves.

 “That policeman must be arrested; even the ones who are threatening people you will go to jail for that if we get evidence,” Museveni said.

He urged those who were dissatisfied with the results of the elections to write petitions to the regional panels of elders which he said are going to be constituted to hear all election complaints.

“We are going to get three respected people who are not part of the struggles, then we shall go and audit village per village and we shall discover. If you have committed forgery, the registrar or the politician who ordered,  you all shall go to jail. The game is finished; the voting is by lining and if you miss-add you are ‘miss-add’ yourself,” Museveni said.


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