NRM should be rewarded for the developments – Museveni

By Our Reporter

For its implementation of various infractural projects in the country, Ugandans should reward the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), President Yoweri Museveni has said.

Speaking at the commissioning of Isimba bridge that connects Kayunga and Kamuli districts across River Nile, Museveni who is also the NRM candidate in this year’s presidential elections said, there is no excuse for Ugandans not to vote for the NRM as a payback for the development that the country has achieved in the last 35 years.

“We now have  Jinja, Karuma, Pabbo, Masindi, Pakwach, Laropi and Paraa bridges across the Nile that we have constructed. I think it is wise and visionary for Ugandans to ensure they support NRM  for doing what had defeated many governments here,” Museveni said.

The Isimba public bridge is part of  the Shs 2.1 trillion Isimba Hydro power dam and the  Isimba-Bujagali interconnection project which was constructed using a loan from the Exim bank of China with a 15 percent co-funding by the Ugandan government. 

The bridge project comprises two bridges connected by Koova Island along the Victoria Nile.

The first bridge measuring 433 metres long traverses from the left bank on Kayunga side to Koova Island whereas the second stretch of 457.25 metres long  tuns from Koova Island to Kamuli on the right banks of the Nile.

The bridge, Museveni said will reduce travel time between the two districts having cut the distance of more than 90kms one would take from Kayunga to Kamuli and then  to Jinja.

“I am happy to commission this bridge considering how crucial it is to the people of this area.  I must thank the Ugandan engineers who have showed that we can also do things on our own,” Museveni said. 

The President also applauded the Chinese government for the friendship, support and loan that was extended to Uganda for the construction of the Isimba dam, power line and the new bridge.

He noted that this shows the existing friendship between the two countries that he said will continue to flourish.


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