NUP Defectors Fight over NRM Cash

There is a bitter feud among former National Unity Platform (NUP) party leaders over cash handouts from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

Tonny Olanya Olenge, the former NUP head of mobilization in Northern Uganda who defected to the NRM on December 12 is under fire from Bosco Ocira Lawino alias Snoop, the former NUP head of mobilization for Nwoya district with whom they joined the NRM.

Ocira is part of the team that raided NUP’s Northern regional office in Gulu. Olenge was equally accused of masterminding the attack.

They led 120 other NUP members to cross to NRM at a function held on December 12 at Anaka Town Council in Nwoya district.

While they claimed to have abandoned NUP because its top leadership lost track and began running the party as tricksters, something that is contrary to what they first believed in, within a week of their defection, the two are already fighting over money they received to mobilise for the NRM.

Their first assignment was in Lira City last week where 150 NUP supporters from the Lango sub-region defected to NRM.

Hell broke loose when Ocira requested Olenge for his facilitation money for mobilization for the daylong event but Olenge turned down his demands. He instead asked him whether he wants to travel back to Gulu City.

Olenge had earlier received Shillings One million from Bosco Odoch Olak, the Head of the NRM campaigns in Northern Uganda for the 2021 general elections. He was expected to share the money with two other colleagues who were part of the advance team for the mobilization.

After failing to get the money, Ocira furiously told Olenge that he was expelled from the NUP after embezzling Shs 8 million meant for the party activities. He demanded that Olenge gives him his money or else risk facing his fists.

Ocira told Olenge that he is an opium smoker who doesn’t fear anything as he charged towards him. However, Olenge shot back accusing Ocira of being useless, saying that he is not afraid of him.

The two nearly exchanged blows prompting two soldiers, a police officer and a private bodyguard to Bosco Odoch Olak to intervene and separate them.

Olak told URN that they would look into the dispute between the two defectors.


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